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Website hardening

Your website is your business image. Therefor detecting and fixing weak links in your web application

before some bad actor does it for you, is crucial.

Why should I harden my website?

A common misconception is that ” You won’t be a target if your business is too small…” – It’s wrong! Regardless of the size of your business, nowadays everyone is a target. You may think of why?

Today, cybercriminals use “Bots” to do their work. These Bots are automated scanning/searching tools that sourcing the web looking for websites to attack. It doesn’t matter the size of the web, they try to hack them all blogs, landing pages small websites, e-commerce, forms etc. If you don’t put enough emphasis on your website security, you will eventually fall victim.

Would you leave your front door open when you are not at home?

Your website is your company’s digital face. It is the first thing your clients and potential clients see. It is something you have spent both your time and money building. Just like you take steps to protect your brick and mortar storefront to deter bad guys and protect your business, you must also take steps to protect your digital storefront to deter bad guys and protect your business and your reputation.


WordPress hardening takes the standard installation of WordPress to the next level. It takes care of things your website designer probably missed.

We will give you simple guidelines to keep your website as safe as possible. Plus we will keep our eyes on your website for 30 days, once a week. If your website gets compromised within 30 days after completion of our work, we will clean up the compromise for free. But you need to ensure that your website is being backed up.

No-one can guarantee 100% of security, there is always a risk being compromised by bad actors.

Usually, we will be done within 2 business days.

Sure you can try. Probably you’ll be spending lots of time trying to figure this out. However, if you don’t know what are you doing, you may make your website less secure than it was before. Configuring security plugins and rules poorly or too much, may end up with a messy website with weak security. That’s why there are experts in the area, who knows exactly what’s needed and what isn’t.

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