Don't wait to be hacked!

Prevent cyber attacks with Lucreds by detecting weak links on your web application and fix them before some evil-intentioned bad actor does it for you.

Feature 01

Discover & Monitor

Detecting vulnerabilities on your website in real-time with up to date databases allow you to act quickly upon active threat detection. Helping you to avoid traffic loss, save money, establish trust, and increase sales.

Feature 02

Security Testing

Identifying weak links on your system by performing in-depth security testing including business logic analysis and testing. The earlier you identify security holes the easier and less costly it is to fix them.

Feature 03

CMS Hardening

It doesn't matter the size of your websites, cybercriminals try to hack them all blogs, landing pages, e-commerce, forms etc. If you don't put enough emphasis on your website security, you will eventually fall victim.

Feature 04

Deep Web Leaks

How well do you know the information that others can find about you, your brand, business, leaked data such as confidential information, servers, devices, emails etc?

Feature 05

Brand Reputation

Your online reputation is critical to business growth and your branding image. A secured and protected website is crucial when gaining the trust of a prospect.

Quick start

Cybersecurity is everything we do nowadays it’s about protecting your digital equipment, be it smartphone, smart TV, computer, car, fancy coffee machine or anything else that has some kind of chip inside.

49/one time
Basic vulnerability scan
  • Misconfigurations
  • OWASP Top 10
  • HTTP Methods
  • Web Crawler
Monitoring Service
  • Website performance
  • Website defacement
  • Brand reputation
  • Real-time blacklist check

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