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Web/Mobile application​

Penetration Testing

Helps you to detect weak links on your web application. As the knowledge is the power,

knowing your web application vulnerabilities is winning half the battle.

Why do you need to Test your Website Security?

Web applications are vital business tools. Enterprises and organizations use them to provide services and share information with customers, business partners, and investors. Businesses are so dependent on them that it is common to have entire teams dedicated to developing and maintaining web applications.

Though web applications have to be available on the internet 24/7, making them prone to malicious hacker attacks. Web applications are very complex and have a big attack surface, therefore more often than not they also have vulnerabilities hackers can exploit. Hence why you need to test your web application security and continuously monitor its operations.

Save Time and Resources

Most websites are designed in an Agile development environment. This means that they are updated multiple times a day. Since most developers are non-security-savvy, and manual code reviews and web penetration tests take too long, businesses need to incorporate automated penetration testing into their environments.

By automating and integrating the AI-based security testing solution in your development processes, you can save time, cost and what’s most important identify weak links on your system at a quicker pace.

The earlier you identify security holes the easier and less costly it is to fix them.

We’re using ImmuniWeb award-winning AI and Deep Learning ANN technology that intensifies, augments and accelerates human testing thereby making application security testing scalable and cost-efficient. Delivering faster results, with better vulnerability coverage and unbeatable pricing compared to traditional penetration testing service provided by human beings.

Performing in-depth security testing including business logic analysis and testing, and comprehensive coverage of SANS Top 25 vulnerabilities using globally renown penetration testing methodologies. Moreover, Our Terms of Services provide a contractual money-back guarantee for a single false-positive in a penetration testing report for the integrity of our customers. We have never had a complaint so far.

Reporting & Reports

Don’t waste your time installing, configuring and running complex security tools. We have them all setup up already, just say what is your target and we will be providing you a friendly report with tailored remediation guidelines.

Since our tools are regularly updated, you can be sure that you don’t miss critical vulnerabilities. Reports are sent directly to your inbox so you can quickly react when issues are found or you can access them via client portal.

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