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Lucreds services

Lucreds helps you to prevent cyber attacks by detecting weak links on your web application

and help you to fix them before some evil-intentioned bad actor does it for you

Modern Security Solutions for your Website

Your online reputation is critical to business growth and your branding image. A secured and protected website is crucial when gaining the trust of a prospect. It is essential for a potential customer to be confident that you will handle their information securely before making a purchase or even sign up for a free service.


Websites are different with different needs, which means they need different approach. Lucreds have knowledge and tools to configure websites security as their needs and as tight as possible. The solutions we use, permissions we change and rules we add help protect your website from bad actors.


Our goal is to prevent your website being attacked by hackers.

Discovery & Monitoring

Website monitoring is an essential function to maintain uninterrupted access to web-based services. The over-arching goal of website monitoring is to help ensure immediate and appropriate communication of any issues with web performance or website availability.

How well do you know the information that others can find about you, your brand its reputation, (phishing websites, breaches, exposures, fake social media accounts etc.)? And how attractive you are in your industry for cybercriminals and how easy is to hack you from a technical point of view?

Penetration Testing aka Security Testing

Most websites are designed in an Agile development environment. This means that they are updated multiple times a day. Since most developers are non-security-savvy, and manual code reviews and web penetration tests take too long, businesses need to incorporate automated penetration testing into their environments.

By automating and integrating the AI-based security testing solution in your development processes, you can save time, cost and what’s most important identify weak links on your system at a quicker pace.

The earlier you identify security holes the easier and less costly it is to fix them.


A common misconception is that ” You won’t be a target if your business is too small…” – It’s wrong! Regardless of the size of your business, nowadays everyone is a target. You may think of why?

Today, cybercriminals use “Bots” to do their work. These Bots are automated scanning/searching tools that sourcing the web looking for websites to attack. It doesn’t matter the size of the web, they try to hack them all blogs, landing pages small websites, e-commerce, forms etc. If you don’t put enough emphasis on your website security, you will eventually fall victim.

Managing and mitigating your security risks benefits both you and your customers. Having properly secured services in place provides one of the best Return On Investment (ROI) of spending on IT security for a business of any size.

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