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Lucreds Team

Lucreds helps you to prevent cyber attacks by detecting weak links on your web application

and help you to fix them before some evil-intentioned bad actor does it for you.

Vulnerability Assessment

Helps you to detect weak links on your web application. As the knowledge is the power, knowing your web application vulnerabilities is winning half the battle.

Website Hardening

Your website is your business image. Therefore detecting and fixing weak links in your web application before some bad actor does it for you, is crucial.

Website Management

Your website is your digital storefront. Monitor every aspect of it from uptime and performance to security to deliver a top-notch end-user experience.

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Rando Visnapuu

Rando has keen interest in technology since basic school, self learned several programming languages (php, html, css, c+), blockchain since 2017 and cybersecurity since 2019. He has obtained his higher education in Estonian Business School.

Educating himself in cyber security field made him to understand how open we all really are for cyber criminals, that few only understand. In that on mind Rando recreated website to help people to understand importance of cyber security and helping them to prevent cyber attacks before some evil-intentioned bad actor catch them on their hook.

Sales Manager

Allan Raudberg

Allan has various skill set specialized in business management and development via marketing. For many years he has been self developed himself in marketing principles, discipline, different strategies not only theory but also in practice. Helped several companies in different fields such as logistics, real estate, hospitality to grow and improve their service quality.

For couple of years now he has learned and adopted digital world. Including website development, digital marketing and cyber security overall.

Office Address

Meistri 16, Tallinn, Estonia