Privacy Policy (“We”) are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, which includes any items of personal data which altogether could constitute the personal information that you may choose to provide us (“Personal Information”).



‘You’, ‘Customer’, ‘Subscriber’ or ‘End-user’ means an individual or a single entity, corporate or other statutory body with legal personality that uses the Service (as defined below).
‘Terms of Service’ or ‘Terms’ mean the terms as per this Service Agreement.
‘Service’ means the Service offered by, including all the functionality accessed via the web interface or via the API (called from the Customer’s computer or from a third party provider).
‘Service Infrastructure’ means all the systems that facilitate, provide or describe the ‘Service’
‘Web Security Audits’ means the crawling of a website to perform testing of forms, application responses, or to confirm the existence of certain files.
‘Device’ or ‘Devices’ means computer hardware, network, storage, input/output or electronic control devices, or software installed on such devices.
‘Hostnames’ means the name used to identify each individual Device.
‘IPs’ or ‘IP Addresses’ refers to the address of a Device.
‘ Parties’ means and its parents, subsidiaries, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, licensors, suppliers and agents.
‘Support’ means the furnishing of technical assistance and remedies, provided on a best effort basis, via any telematic means chosen by
‘Confidential Information’ means any information disclosed by one party to another which is defined as confidential and proprietary as per the Terms of this Service Agreement.
‘Intellectual Property Rights’ means all intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks, design rights, copyrights, database rights, trade secrets and all rights of an equivalent nature anywhere in the world.

Ineligible Parties

To the extent permissible by law, You are ineligible to subscribe to the Service if:

  • You or Your employees have been convicted for any computer or Internet related crimes; or
  • if You are more than sixty (60) days overdue on any monies or amounts owed to; or
  • if You are a competitor of; or
  • if You are located in a region that is prohibited from using the Service bylaw; or
  • if You have already previously been refused the Service by in the past.
Provided that in any case, reserves the right to refuse access to any potential subscriber to the Service should, in its absolute discretion, deem such refusal necessary.

Your Identity and Authority

You agree to provide current, accurate information in all electronic or hardcopy registration forms submitted in connection with the Service. You agree not to impersonate or in any way misrepresent Your affiliation or authority to act on behalf of any person, company or other entity. By subscribing to the Service or accepting these Terms, all Your personnel using the Service or accepting these Terms, certify that they are authorized to act on Your behalf and are authorized by You as a representative of an individual, business or other legal entity having contractual usage rights granted by an ISP or Web Host, owning or licensed to use any and all IPs and the associated Devices to which You direct the Service to be performed. You agree to cooperate with within reasonable measures to verify the identity and authority of persons using the Service.

Prohibited Uses

Scanning of Third Party Devices

You must never use or direct the Service to interact with IPs or Devices for which You are not expressly authorized to do so. You must not use the Service in such a way as to create unreasonable load on IPs or Devices to which You have directed the Service to interact. You may not use any Service Infrastructure, directly or indirectly to initiate, propagate, participate, direct or attempt any attack, hack, or send bandwidth saturation, malicious or potentially damaging network messages to any Device, whether owned by or not.

Unlawful Activities

You must not use the Service to perform any unlawful activity including but not limited to computer crime, transmission or storage of illegal content, or content or software in violation of intellectual property and copyright laws.

Unauthorised Access

(i) You must not access information on the Service Infrastructure for which You are not authorized, or which is not made available intentionally, publicly and in accordance with Privacy Policy. If You gain access to any information for which You are not authorized, by any means or method, or for any reason, You must report such access to immediately and destroy all electronic or hard copies of such information. You must report incidents by email with return receipt requested to info@
(ii) Furthermore, You agree not to provide access to the Service by:- a) allowing others to use Your account; b) creating an account for someone who is not authorized to perform the role or view the information for which You have granted access; c) creating an account for an ineligible party as defined in clause 2 above; or d) failing to revoke access for those persons who are no longer authorized to access the Service for any reason. You will immediately notify of any unauthorised access from Your account or the accounts of others for which You have administrative authority, including the use of accounts, passwords, or any other breach of security.
You will not solicit another party’s password for any reason. You will not access someone else’s account, nor disrupt, interfere, or limit the functioning of the Services or other’s enjoyment of the Service.
Any breach of the above covenants will result in immediate termination of the Service and, if appropriate, referral to law enforcement authorities.


Support shall be conveyed by telematic means to You in order to help You with Your ongoing use of the Service. Support is available during normal business hours (ET) at may at its own discretion and without engaging in any statements of service levels with customers, extend its Support availability to other time zones, where feasible.

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