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  • Check your website vulnerabilities
  • Harden your WordPress
  • Before some evil-intentioned bad actor does it for you!

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Global service

It doesn’t matter where you are, we can help you anywhere!

Up to Date

Always keeping our database up to date with latest vulnerabilities.

Quick & Effective

We provide fast and effective solution for any kind of business.

  • Website Vulnerability Scanning

Detect weaknesses in your website, which allows you to fix the vulnerabilities before being hit by real attackers.

  • WordPress Hardening

Providing modern new-generation solutions for any kind of business. Providing more than 80 security checks.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

Keeping distance with attackers is hard work, especially amid limited resources and an ever-changing attack surface.

Website Security


Your online reputation is critical to business growth and your branding image. A secured and protected website is crucial when gaining the trust of a prospect.

Vulnerability scanning

Managing and mitigating your security risks benefits both you and your customers.

DDoS protection

Avoid being unreachable for potential customers.

Security improvement

We provide decent security solutions for different kind of businesses. Every business needs different approach.

Did you know?

Everyday 150 000+ new sites are hacked

Don’t be next!

These 150 000 sites are usually legitimate small businesses sites, that are unwittingly distributing malware.

A typical business website is attacked more than 40 times per day.

Modern Solutions

Next-Generation Solutions

Knowledge is the power, knowing the vulnerabilities is winning half the battle.

Scanning your web application with the industry’s lowest false positive tool Nessus, which includes all major security standards around the globe. That could allow bad actors to access your system, damage your reputation and customer’s trust.

Covering more than 143,000 plugins, making over 1,200 scans over the network, Scanning 57 000+ CVEs – the most of the industry with accurate scanning and minimal false-positive.

Trusted by more than 30,000 organization, worldwide, with the deepest and broadest vulnerability coverage in the industry.

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Our Services

We protect your business from cyber attacks

Security features are Not plug-and-play

Web Scanning


One time

  • OWASP Top 10
  • Find SQL injections, Cross-Site Scripting and many other high risk vulnerabilities
  • Find low-hanging fruits
  • Covering more than 143,000 plugins
  • And more

WordPress hardening


One time

  • HTTP Headers
  • Firewall rules (WAF)
  • Fixing issues, if there are any
  • Improve WordPress core settings
  • Website scan to see any vulnerabilities
  • And more


Owning a Business?

  • Optain 24/7 overview of your website security posture
  • Automated and/or manual pen-testing
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Credentialed/Non-credentialed scan
  • Non-intrusive
  • Ask for more

Working process

How does process work?

We’ll look your web application with all major security standards

around the globe including OWASP.


Information gathering

Gathering as much information as possible about target object, analyzing it’s possible weak spots.


Website scanning / hardening

Taking deep look into website and it’s vulnerabilities and missing security configurations.


Testing / Analyzing

Taking another look into a web application, checking is everything working properly.


Meet our team

If you have any questions, suggestions or really anything else, feel free to reach out us.


Rando Visnapuu

Sales manager

Allan Ilmsoo

Nowadays smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. They contain more information about us than we know ourselves. We must stay cautious and protect our information from bad actors. Simple solutions for protecting your information can be found here.

As more employees work from home, basic security measures need to be taken to protect the individual and enterprise from cyber criminals who are taking advantage of lax telework security practices. Simple security tips for Remote Working can be found here.

Simple Security Tips

For daily Usage

“Everything we do now lasts forever, not because we want to remember it, it’s because we’re not longer allowed to forget.” – E. Snowden

  • Think before you Click
  • Do your Due Dilligence
  • Trust but always Verify