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  • Web Application Testing

Detect weaknesses in your website, which allows you to fix the vulnerabilities before being hit by real attackers.

  • Website Malware Scanning

Providing modern new-generation solutions for any kind of business. Take a look into your website system, plugins, are they injected with malware.

  • Website Security & Management

Keeping distance with attackers is hard work, especially amid limited resources and an ever-changing attack surface.

  • Network Scanning

Keeping eye on your Local Area Network (LAN) with full system scan, discovering weak spots.

Modern Solutions

Website Security


Your online reputation is critical to business growth and your branding image. A secured and protected website is crucial when gaining the trust of a prospect.

Malware scanning
Web Designer 88%
Vunerability scanning
Web Designer 79%
Security improvement
Web Designer 89%
24/7 vulnerability assessment
Web Designer 93%
Network discovering
Web Designer 84%

Everyday 30 000+ new sites are hacked

Don't be next !

These 30 000 sites are usually legitimate small businesses sites, that are unwittingly distributing malware.

A typical business website is attacked more than 40 times per day.

Modern Solutions



Knowledge is the power, knowing the vulnerabilities is winning half the battle.

We’ll scan your web application with all major security standards around the globe including OWASP, SANS, CERT, PCI, ISO27001… That could allow malicious users to access your system and damage your reputation and customer’s trust.

Our solutions makes over 1,200 scans over the network, Scans 47 000+ CVEs – the most of the industry with accurate scanning and minimal false-positive.

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We protect your business

from cyber attacks


It is essential for a potential customer to be confident that you will handle their information securely before making a purchase or even sign up for a free service. In that sense website hardening is must be.

Application Testing

Scan for published and unknown web vulnerabilities. Detecting weaknesses in your website which allows you to fix the vulnerabilities before being hit by real attackers.


We’ll keep 24/7 eye on your website doing regular Backups, Updates and Security scans. If something goes wrong we’ll deal with it.


Take a look into your website system, plugins, are they injected with malware. Detect suspicious activity on your website at any time, up to date web malware databases, 24/7 scans. Real time website malware scanning and instant notifications allow you to act quickly upon active threat detection.

Host & Path Audit

Discover additional websites which are hosted on the same IP address. Helps to check if there are any forgotten, unmaintained and unnecessary websites hosted on your server. Discover the technologies used by a web application – server -side and client-side – recognize your weak spots.


Discover outdated network services, missing security patches, badly configured servers and many other vulnerabilities.

A full system scan for your Local Area Network (LAN) – suitable for any host.

Pricing plans

Website management

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  • Website Scan
  • General Security
  • Page Speed improvement
  • Updates & weekly backups




  • Malware Scan
  • Web security testing
  • Website hardening
  • Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Page Speed improvement
  • Regular backups & updates




  • Web security testing
  • Website hardening
  • Weekly Vulnerability Scan
  • Page Speed improvement
  • Weekly backups & updates